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At Miraval, our food philosophy is not based on restrictions or eliminations, but rather in eating mindfully – being aware of what we consume, taking pleasure in natural flavors and textures and eating in moderation without deprivation.

Our drinking philosophy is much the same.  Each of the cocktails at Miraval are created using premium spirits and flavorful fresh ingredients, without too many extras or unnecessary ingredients. 

Below you’ll find a recipe for our guest-favorite Arizona Sunset along with some tips to help you make the most of your next Zoom happy hour. And to further transport you to Miraval, we’ve provided some Miraval-inspired Zoom backgrounds that you can download here

Arizona Sunset
 2 oz Orange-infused Vodka
 1 oz Lemon Juice
 1 oz cranberry juice
 1 oz agave syrup
 Ice
 2 Jalapeño rings
 Coupe glass

1. Muddle 1 Slice of Jalapeño in mixing tin
2. Fill mixing tin with ice
3. Add vodka, lemon juice. cranberry juice and agave syrup to mixing tins.
4. Shake; strain into coupe glass.
5. Garnish with Jalapeño slice.

Cocktail tips from Miraval’s nutritionists:

 Use clear liquors like vodka, gin, and clear tequila.  These do not contain congeners which are substances created during the fermentation process that can increase the intensity of a hangover and may contribute to the appearance of aging in the skin.

 Use a squeeze of lemon or lime in lieu of sugary mixers

 Liquors that have been infused with cucumber, fruit, or peppers are a great way to add flavor without salt or sugar

 Fresh pressed vegetable juices like beet or carrot are another way to add flavor and vitamins without added sugars

 Muddling herbs like mint or basil add both antioxidants and flavor


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  1. Mmmm-I’m a registered nurse working 11pm-7am, recently widowed with the big 60 birthday coming up 5/24. I definitely need a Miraval spa retreat 🙂

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